Friday, July 10, 2009

韩美素 补水保湿面膜 (蜜桃型)

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韩美素 补水保湿面膜 (蜜桃型)

成分: 水蜜桃精华, 鲜果牛奶因子, 深层补水系统等溶缩保湿成份.

功效: 新鲜水蜜桃精华和丰富叶酸成分, 能迅速渗透至肌肤底层, 持续不断的注入大量水分, 修护因缺水而干燥的肌肤, 还能帮助强健肤质, 锁紧水分不流失, 肌肤时刻吹弹即破, 散发如水蜜桃般鲜灵水嫩的诱人光彩.
更令肌肤犹如渗润在水疗SPA中, 获取水润柔滑, 晶莹通透的肌肤, 让你享受清爽愉悦.

VOV Moisturising facial mask (juicy peach)

Ingredient: The honey peach essence, the fresh fruit milk factor, in-depth makes up the aqueous system and so on to dissolve shrinks guarantees the wet ingredient.

Effect: The fresh honey peach essence and the rich folic acid ingredient, can seep rapidly to the flesh first floor, but continues to pour into the massive moisture contents unceasingly, the repair and maintenance because of lacks the water the dry flesh, but also can help the strong skin nature, the locking moisture content not to drain, the flesh time plays musical instruments namely broken, sending out like honey peach fresh spirit young and fresh-looking attractive brilliance.
Is infiltrated the flesh like Run in hydrotherapy SPA, gain water Run is smooth, the crystal clear insightful flesh, lets you enjoy neatly joyful.

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