Friday, July 10, 2009

韩美素 美白绽亮面膜 (鲜橙型)

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韩美素 美白绽亮面膜 (鲜橙型)

成分: 富含维C和香橙精华, 珍珠水解蛋白, 透明质酸, 天然补水精华的成份

功效: 维C和香橙精华, 有助分解皮肤色素, 整体均匀地亮白肌肤, 同时肌肤补充水份和锁水因子, 使肌肤回
复白皙润泽. 能即时渗透皮肤基低层, 除了卓越的修护保养功能外, 更能改善肌肤暗哑, 粗糙现象, 能让肌肤
重获水润, 亮白柔嫩, 让肌肤呈现细致均匀, 完美无暇的光彩

VOV Whitening essencetial facial mask (fresh orange)

Ingredient: Richly including Uygur C and the citron essence, the pearl protein hydrolysate, the hyaluric acid, natural makes up the water essence the ingredient.

Effect: Uygur C and the citron essence, is helpful to decompose the skin pigment, the whole evenly transparent white flesh, simultaneously the flesh supplemented the moisture and locks the water factor, causes the flesh to return to
the duplicate fair favor. Can the immediate seepage skin base underlying bed, besides the remarkable repair and maintenance maintenance function, be able to improve the flesh darkly mute, the rough phenomenon, can let the flesh
attain water Run again, the transparent white is tender, lets the flesh present carefully even, the perfect busy brilliance.

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