Friday, July 10, 2009

8杯水茉莉花毛孔细致面膜 {10片装送4片眼膜}

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1 Box for RM 15.60 (10 pcs)


5 pcs for RM 10.00

小护士8杯水茉莉花毛孔细致面膜 {10片装送4片眼膜}

茉莉花含苯甲醇, 芳樟醇酯,茉莉花素等有机物和维生素. 能收缩毛孔, 压制黑色素形成, 缓除肌肤疲倦, 缺水状态, 充分感受肌肤的细致滋润, 加速细胞活化再生, 收紧肌肤及预防松弛下垂, 增强面部柔润光泽, 用后
肌肤润滑, 清爽, 富有弹性光泽. 迅速软化干纹, 促进血液循环, 解决各种因压力和岁月所带给皮肤的困扰, 激活, 美白肌肤, 增强细胞活性和免疫力, 具有良好的净化收敛作用, 根本改善肤色暗淡, 毛孔粗大, 增进肌白皙透亮, 使肌肤光洁细嫩。


Mininurse - Eight cups water jasmine pore careful facial mask {10 piece of attires deliver 4 piece of retinas}

The jasmine to contain the benzyl alcohol, the linalool ester, the jasmine figured and plain and so on the organic matters and the Vitamin. Can contract the pore, suppresses the melanin formation, slow is weary except the flesh, lacks the water condition, feels the flesh to moisten carefully fully, the acceleration cell activation regeneration, tightens the flesh and the prevention relaxation sagging, strengthens the face smooth gloss, lubricates with after flesh, neat, rich elastic gloss. The rapid conditioning does the grain, the promotion blood circulation, because solves each kind the pressure and the years takes to the skin the puzzle, the activation, the beautiful white flesh, enhancement cell activeness and the immunity, have the good purification converging action, the radical improvement skin color is gloomy, the pore is thick, promotes myo- fair translucent, causes the flesh brightly and cleanly delicate.

Application method: Opens the small packing, launches the facial mask to put gently the facial mask in the face, with handles gently the pressure to cause it better adpressed face to shut item to enjoy 15 minutes relaxations, attracts the adoption share and the moisture for yours flesh enough time, after may act according to likes the extension of time dismantle facial mask personally, may act according to likes personally, the unnecessary essence ingredient spreads the face on in the pate or the arm, also may wipe the face unnecessary liquid.


Ting Ling

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