Friday, July 10, 2009

8杯水百合花蜜净白保湿面膜 {10片装送4片眼膜}

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1 Box for RM 15.60 (10 pcs)


5 pcs for RM 10.00

小护士8杯水百合花蜜净白保湿面膜 {10片装送4片眼膜}

纯天然百合花蜜利用低温萃取技术提纯, 内含33%的百合花净白精华, 能有效改善肌肤粗糙, 消除肌肤暗淡,
为肌肤提供全天候的滋润保湿呵护.低温萃取技提纯的百合花净白精华和细胞活素,能压制黑色素细胞地生成, 加速表皮色素的更新,同时促进细胞胶原蛋白的合成, 令肌肤净白细致。


Mininurse - Eight cups water lily nectar the facial mask {10 piece of attires deliver 4 piece of retinas}

The pure natural lily nectar use low temperature extract technology depuration, contains 33% lily only white essence, can improve the flesh to be rough effectively, eliminates the flesh to be gloomy, provides all-weather for the flesh moistens guarantees protects wet. The low temperature extract technique depuration lily only white essence and the cell live element, can suppress the melanophore production, the acceleration epidermis pigment renewal, simultaneously promotes the cell collogen synthesis, makes the flesh white only careful.

Application method: Opens the small packing, launches the facial mask to put gently the facial mask in the face, with handles gently the pressure to cause it better adpressed face to shut item to enjoy 15 minutes relaxations, attracts the adoption share and the moisture for yours flesh enough time, after may act according to likes the extension of time dismantle facial mask personally, may act according to likes personally, the unnecessary essence ingredient spreads the face on in the pate or the arm, also may wipe the face unnecessary liquid.


Ting Ling

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