Friday, July 10, 2009

Preuty 一贴白璧无瑕净白莹采面贴膜

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1 Box for RM 25.00/box (10 pcs)


3 pcs for RM 10.00

Preuty 一贴白璧无瑕净白莹采面贴膜

蕴含溶缩植物美白精华, 深层美白肌肤, 帮助减少并防止色斑和暗哑的出现, 改善肌肤纹理, 提升肌肤的净白度, 焕发白皙光感。
温泉矿物精华和水凝维他命群。能迅速至肌肤深层, 及时补充日常流失的水份, 令肌肤有内而外透保湿, 水嫩细白

Preuty pastes impeccable character whitening essence facial mask

The implication dissolves shrinks the plant beautiful white essence, in-depth beautiful white flesh, helps to reduce and to prevent the color spot and the dark mute appearance, improve the flesh texture, promotes the flesh only the albedo, glows the fair light feeling.
The hot spring mineral essence and the water congeal the vitamin group. But in can to the flesh in-depth, the prompt supplement daily outflow moisture, have rapidly the flesh outside passes guarantees wet, young and fresh-looking thin white.

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